portrait photography | custom website photos | stock photos

Are you a busy entrepreneur or blogger trying to make an impact on the world, but struggling to stand out from the competition because you're still using the same overused stock photos as everyone else?

It's time to step up your game and make an impact by standing out and attracting your ideal customers by using unique and scroll stopping images that are cohesive with your brand!

How can you find these photos...let me help!

portrait photography | custom website photos | stock photos

So now a little about me!

I'm Amy Jackson, a single mom to an amazing young man and image creation specialist behind Amy Paris Photography (...I still miss my maiden name, can't you tell?! 😉).

Taking pictures has been a hobby of mine since college when I started scrapbooking.

It didn't take long for the photo bug to take off. It really hit a chord with me when my son was born and I finally had a meaningful purpose behind my photos.

My love of photography grew even more when I won...yes, WON...a DSLR camera!!

After piddling around in auto mode for a couple years, I decided I needed to dive deep and actually learn how to use my fancy camera and use it well.

Over the past couple years, my work has grown and I now offer a few services. 

Over the past 2 years, I've been running Learn Blog Photography where I teach entrepreneurs how to take their own high-quality images for their websites and social media.  I love helping people and as fulfilling as this is, not everyone wants to take the time to learn.  Plus, I really enjoy taking photos and creating beautiful images, so I've also decided to add done for you services for entrepreneurs, as well. While locally, I capture your family's memories and children's milestone. 

I've helped friends who've wanted to improve their website's look by teaching them how to take better photos and now my goal is to reach beyond my friends and help 1000 bloggers, entrepreneurs and shop owners improve their brand through high-quality, on brand photos!

When you invest in yourself and your business through custom website photos you will be able to save time and money wasted on scrolling through stock photo websites, you'll remove the stress and concern that you'll get sued by a shady photographer, and you will create a well branded look that improves the overall professionalism of your business AND will drive up your sales!

I look forward to helping you and your business succeed in the online world!

Ready to take the next step to improving your photos and your business, contact me today to get started!