December 19, 2023

Amy Paris Photography's Studio Has Moved

Amy Paris Photography's studio has moved!!! Hooray!!  I'm so excited to announce it again! So for anyone who missed my live a few days ago, Amy Paris Photography has moved to downtown Highland and is now located inside Nephilim Studios!

What is Nephilim Studios? 

Nephilim Studios is a tattoo and piercing studio.  However, this isn't your ordinary tatoo parlor.  Tina Brenda, the owner, wanted it to be an inclusive, family-friendly tattoo and piercing studio. Furthermore, she envisioned her studio to be a space for all creatives so she included a 250 sq ft portrait studio complete with it's own washroom and fully-functional luxury bathtub!  Tina has already been renting the studio space out to other photographers and creatives and when I approached her about renting her space on a regular basis, she was beyond thrilled!  

Why Move?

Did you read the part about that amazing tub?  I mean, it's a boudoir photographer's dream to have a tub like that in their studio!  In all seriousness, the space I've been renting for the past two years on Calumet in Munster was never intended to be a long-term solution.  I knew it wasn't the best fit for a photography studio, but it was the best fit at the time.  So, I've been dreaming about what my next studio space would look like for the past two years.  

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Manifesting a New Studio Space

In fact, when I signed my lease last year for 2023, I got serious about how and where that new studio space would look and be.  So, I started manifesting my dream studio.  The new studio space manifestation list included the following:

  • Located in downtown Highland
  • 10-12 foot ceilings
  • Windows offering natural light
  • Bathroom in the studio space
  • Access to a kitchen
  • Space for storage
  • 800-100 sq ft (to accommodate the bathroom, storage, kitchen, shooting space, etc)

The Move to Nephilim Studios

What did I get by moving to Nephilim?  I am located in downtown Highland at 2716 Condit Street.  The studio has 10'+ ceilings, two large windows, a dedicated private bathroom, 250 sq ft of shooting space, extra space for storage, and access to a full kitchen!  Oh, and I cannot forget that AMAZING tub which had not been on my list, but it definitely should have been!  Plus, Tina is super sweet and has been amazing to work! I'm really excited about the move to Nephilim Studios and I have a feeling that 2024 is going to be EPIC!

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