Welcome to the Boudie Call! 

Where every BODY is a BOUDOIR BODY!

Society constantly plays mind games on women.  First, they tell you your value and worth is in your physical appearance. Then in the next statement, they tell you that you should be ashamed of your sensuality, your sexuality and to hide your body or risk being labeled "easy"!  No wonder we have so many insecurities!  

But GUUURRRRRLLLL, I got you!  Boudie Calls are a confidence boosting quickie.  These down and dirty photography sessions are meant to unleash the inner goddess of those who don't have the time or money for a full boudoir portrait session.  

I'm here to photograph you exactly how you want to be seen in a safe, judgement-free, body-positive space!


Hi!  I'm Amy!

I'm an award-winning photographer, but I don't just take pretty photos.  By coaching and guiding you through the entire session, your outer beauty will be enhanced by your inner beauty and the result is a magical experience that will leave you feeling more confident.  And you know what?   Confidence is SEXY!

As a curvy woman, I fully understand body image issues and camera fears.  I used to hide from the camera thinking I wasn't photogenic and that my size meant I didn't deserve to be in photos.  In fact, I never saw the beauty that others saw in me until I hit my 30s.  

The good news is this:

You don't have to be photogenic to exist in photos and love them!

You don't have to lose weight before a session!  I know how to utilize light and poses to make you look like you lost weight first.

You absolutely deserve to exist in photos just as you are!  

It's my job to make you look your best and as a professional photographer, that's where I excel!   I will guide you and empower you to show up as the amazing woman you are so I can capture stunning, emotive portraits that will have you saying, "DAMN, I'M HOT!!" 

You are: 






The Boudie Call Details

$280 session fee

(The session fee is due at the time of

booking to reserve your date & time.)

The Boudoir Prep Guide
1 Hour Photo Shoot
2 Outfits** 
Same Day Photo Reveal & Selection
1 Professionally Retouched Digital Image***

**Naked is considered one of your outfits.  The shower scene is not included, but can be added for an additional half hour and $50.
***Additional digital images and print products are available for purchase!


Is hair & makeup included?   No, but I can give you references for professionals who will meet with you prior to your session for professional styling.

Is clothing provided at the studio?  Yes, I have some, but it is recommended that you bring your own.

What props do I have use of during my photoshoot?  You can use the angel wings, black tule robe, lingerie, lace robes, slouchy sweaters, and high heels.  Additional items are added regularly.

Where is the studio?  The studio is located at 2716 Condit St Highland, IN 46322

How is this session different than your regular boudoir session?  The Boudie Call and regular Boudoir Sessions have several differences.  The Boudie Call does not include the Wardrobe & Design Consultation or professional Hair & Makeup Styling.  With the Boudie Call, you must be ready to be photographed upon your arrival.  A regular Boudoir Session lasts 2-3 hour and includes use of all dry sets and the wet shower.  A Boudie Call session lasts 1 hour and is not long enought to include a wet scene, but for a fee it can be added on.  The wet shower scene can be added to your boudie call session for $75 which will extend your session by an additional half hour.  To add the wet tub scene to your boudie call, it is an additional $200 and it adds an additional hour to your session.

How long will it take to get my photos?  We will do a same day reveal for you to view and select your image(s).  They will be sent out to be professionally retouched and then uploaded for your review into an online gallery typically within 4-5 days.  At that time, you can download them or request additional edits. 

Can I purchase additional photos?  Absolutely!  

Can I purchase print products?  Yes!  I offer wall art options, individually matted prints, reveal boxes, albums, and novelty items such as retro viewers and photo playing cards.