December 12, 2023

Boudoir Photography: 5 Tips To Help You Shine In Your Photos

Boudoir photography is a powerful and liberating experience that allows you to embrace your sensuality and beauty. To ensure you get the most out of your boudoir session, here are five tips tailored just for you.

1. Communicate Your Comfort

Your comfort is my top priority. Before the shoot, be open and honest with me about your boundaries, insecurities, and desires. Sharing your preferences will help me create a safe and comfortable environment, ensuring your experience is empowering and enjoyable.  

2. Select Wardrobe That Makes You Feel Amazing

Choose outfits that make you feel stunning and self-assured. Don't bring items that you don't like.  The camera won't make you like them anymore!  Think about what complements your body and style. Soft, flowing fabrics, lace, and lingerie are often great options, but there are plenty of other options too!  If you're not sure where to start, don't hesitate to ask!  That's one of the reasons we will have a wardrobe and design consultation before the session! I will help you decide on wardrobe that suits the mood and theme you want to convey.  

3. Embrace Your Unique Beauty

Every individual has their own unique features that deserve to be celebrated! Don't be shy about sharing what you love most about yourself, whether it's your eyes, smile, or curves. As your photographer, I will focus on highlighting these attributes while capturing your authentic beauty.

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4. Express Yourself 

This is your boudoir session and your time to shine.  My studio is a safe, judgement-free space.  So, don't be shy.  This is your opportunity to show up authentically for yourself.  Whether it be through clothing, set design, posing, hand placement and/or props, your boudoir session is tailored to your unique style so that you can fully express yourself and embrace your sensuality in a manner that bolsters your confidence and creates stunning and empowering images.

5. Details Matter

Boudoir photography thrives on capturing the intimate details that make you unique. Think about the accessories, jewelry, or clothing that hold special significance to you. As your photographer. I will help you emphasize these details, adding depth and personal meaning to your images.  However, if you aren't someone who typically wears jewelry then don't stress over it!  We are capturing you and your style so don't try to change who you are for these photos!  I will focus on plenty of other details to ensure you have an amazing session!

Boudoir photography is a deeply personal and empowering experience. By communicating openly with me, selecting wardrobe that makes you feel amazing, embracing your unique beauty, expressing yourself, and paying attention to the details, you can create a collection of images that not only celebrates your sensuality but also reflects your genuine self. Remember that this experience is all about you, and the goal is to make you shine in every frame.



About the Author Amy Paris Jackson

Amy is a professional portrait photographer in NW Indiana. She specializes in glamour and boudoir photography because she takes great joy in empowering women of all ages and sizes to look and feel beautiful. She also loves watching her clients’ self-confidence, self-accept, and self-love re-emerge during their photoshoots as they see how truly beautiful they are.

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