Custom photos rock!!  Want to know what's so special? Keep reading my friend and you'll find the 4-1-1!

An Entrepreneur's Got Goals

As an entrepreneur you have big aspirations and dreams for your life and your biz, right?  I know, I do. I quit my job of 18+ years to pursue my goals and dreams. For me, my dream was to have time and location freedom.  I wanted to set my own schedule, work wherever I wanted and be able to live life on my terms and not have to ask a boss for time off.  I’m sure your dreams are similar, but our method of achieving these dreams may be vastly different. For me it’s through photography, but for you it could be coaching, software development, or writing.  Regardless of the avenue you pursue, you have created a plan that will assist you in reaching your dreams; a plan that will create a promising future.

Unfortunately, there will always be ebbs and flows in business.  Oh, we all wish it was a straight, upward trajectory to success, but that seldom (probably never) happens.   Moreover, if you don’t take a step back and evaluate your business during those rough patches, you may miss out on valuable information that can help propel you out of that rut and set you on a track to success.  

Now, there could be many reasons your business is experiencing a current downturn.  It’s also quite possible that you’ve already started looking into the typical avenues, but I want to alert you to a possible secret gremlin….your stock photos.  It’s possible that the stock photos you’ve been using are hurting your business. So, if you’ve hit a plateau or have been in a rut, now’s the time to take a serious look at your visual brand.

Please, don’t get me wrong….I’m sure the stock photos are beautiful!  That’s not what I’m asking or assessing here! 

So, what am I asking?  Keep reading, I promise you'll find out!

Your Visual Brand Image

Ok, so let’s take a quick look at your visual’s just a few of the questions I want you to consider...

1. How many times have you seen the same stock photo on someone else’s website, ad or social feed...any social media platform?  

Think about it….I know it’s happened to you before.  You’re scrolling through Pinterest and you see your pin come up and think , YAY!! But, then you look again and realize, ummmm no…’s someone else’s who happens to be using the same photo.  


The more likely scenario don’t even realize that you’ve seen a different offer, strictly because you thought you’d already seen it.  When in fact, what you saw was 2 different offers by 2 different people using the exact same image.

2.  How well do the stock images you’re using convey your brand’s true identity and story?

If the message in your image and the message on your website aren’t in sync, you will be totally confusing your potential customers.  So consider the 3 words you want customers to relate with your brand and look at your photos. Do they match?

3. Is you brand look/feel/vibe consistent?

One of the biggest problems I hear from entrepreneurs using stock photos, is that they find pink, but it’s not their pink.  Or they find great photos, but they don’t quite fit with the edgy feel they’re going for. So, take a look at the photos you’re using.  Are the colors the correct colors? Do the photos all seem consistent with the overall vibe? 

That was just a few of the questions you’ll need to consider when you look at the photos on your website, on your social media channels and on your ads!

Here are a few more things you’ll need to consider...

A stock photo will never:

  • Create a lasting impression for YOUR brand  

  • Help catapult your biz to the next level

  • Compel your ideal customer to stop and check out your offer

So you’re probably wondering….what the hell am I going to do now?!

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Custom Photos to the RESCUE!

Don’t worry! What you need are custom photos!

Custom photos will capture your brand’s exact vibe, your brand’s exact color, and tell your brand’s exact story….no words needed.

Custom photos will easily attract your ideal custom, stop them from scrolling, and will create a lasting impression!  It’s those lasting impressions that will is build the know, like and trust factor that will create raving super fans!!

Want to know the best part about having custom photos?  It’s that you can post them everywhere!! You can put them on your website, social media covers, ads, webinars, courses, and MORE!!


You’ll have the piece of mind that no one else will be using YOUR photo to promote their brand.

It’s YOURS and YOUR BRAND and it will stand out as uniquely that….YOU!!

Are custom photos more expensive than stock photos?  

Well, of course they are, but you are getting a photo that can no longer be sold to anyone else...nor should it be because in order for the photo to be truly your brand, how can it also be anyone else’s brand?  No one else can be you!!

Plus, you’ll be using the custom photos to commercially market you business in order to make money and live the freedom lifestyle you’ve been dreaming of!!

So, by investing in yourself and your business through custom photos, you’ll be standing out from the crowd, attracting your ideal clients and creating more leads that will propel you out of the rut and will bring you closer to your freedom based dreams!  

So, how does that sound?  Pretty amazing, right?!  I thought so. 😍😉😚

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