August 22, 2023

Carol's 40 over 40 Story


Looking fat and frumpy. Looking tired and old.  

To restart my confidence in personal and business life. Not too late to accomplish a dream or goal.

To restart my life and business

Showing other women it is never too late to try! 

I am loved by many! 

Stay focused on what’s important but leave room for fun and family! 

My mother. She was funny, strong but loved us deeply 

Using facial serum daily and moisturizer day and evening. 

When my children and grandchildren smile when they see me.  

When I show someone the love of Jesus and they feel Him.

Join the 40 over 40 movement!

It's time to be seen and love yourself in photos!

About the Author Amy Paris Jackson

Amy is a professional portrait photographer in NW Indiana. She specializes in glamour and boudoir photography because she takes great joy in empowering women of all ages and sizes to look and feel beautiful. She also loves watching her clients’ self-confidence, self-accept, and self-love re-emerge during their photoshoots as they see how truly beautiful they are.

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