December 5, 2023

Katie's 40 over 40 Story

I think my eyes are expressive. I also like the curves of my collarbone.

I don’t feel too anxious about the process. I think it’ll be tons of fun. 

I love this movement because it encourages women to embrace their internal and external beauty, and perhaps challenge some to step out of their comfort zone. I wanted to participate and be in the company of other woman that value self empowerment.

This year I turn 45 and celebrating 10 years of owning my business. More importantly celebrating the gift of life and love and the opportunity to inspire others.

I look forward to a great celebration at the gala with the other woman!

Having the chance to get prettied up and have a day for me!

40 over 40, quote, personal branding photoshoot, gourmet goddess

Life is what you make of it. I am the only one that can dictate the path I want to be on. 

Trusting your gut reaction will never fail you. 

My mom. Her love and compassion and understanding have always given me the confidence that I could accomplish anything. 

Confidence, always. And lipstick 😉

10 years ago I did a boudoir shoot and I never felt so amazing. 

I am the most proud of taking a chance on myself and having the courage  to start my business. 

Passionate, loving and a little bit spicy

Katie is also known as The Gourmet Goddess.  If you haven't had the chance to check out her charcuterie workshops or a Goddess & The Gatherer event, make sure to catch the next one!  You will not be disappointed!

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40 over 40

About the Author Amy Paris Jackson

Amy is a professional portrait photographer in NW Indiana. She specializes in glamour and boudoir photography because she takes great joy in empowering women of all ages and sizes to look and feel beautiful. She also loves watching her clients’ self-confidence, self-accept, and self-love re-emerge during their photoshoots as they see how truly beautiful they are.

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