March 27, 2024

Kristin's 40 over 40 Story

My eyes and/or my smile.

My body after having 4 kids looks terrible.

I need to feel like I'm aging gracefully and can still be beautiful.

Celebration of turning 40 this year, and to feel empowered.

I hope I see myself in pictures and think, "Damn, I still look good!"

Having a shoot focusing on ME, instead of just a family photoshoot.

To trust my instincts.

You can't make everyone happy. Focus on your own happiness and your family.

My best friend of almost 30 years. She is my chosen family and has become my sister. And she is the best Auntie to my kids. We go on all family vacations together.

Serums...they definitely have helped my skin look better.

When I turned 30 and I was no longer insecure and I didn't care what others thought of me as much as I did when I was younger.

When I became a foster mom. Something I had talked about doing for years prior.

Introvert, intelligent, kind


I met Kristin at a women's networking event. Her and her husband were there together and I had a chance to talk about the 40 over 40 with them.  He snuck back over to be without her to tell me how selfless she is and why he really wants this for her.  It was so sweet to hear him talk her up and I was truly excited when she decided to participate!  

But what came next was even more beautiful!  After her session, she loved it so much that she got together with her aunt and the two of them sponsored Irene, Kristin's grandma in the 40 over 40 too!  More on her session coming soon!

The second round of the 40 over 40 is going on now and there is still space for you to join!

About the Author Amy Paris Jackson

Amy is a professional portrait photographer in NW Indiana. She specializes in glamour and boudoir photography because she takes great joy in empowering women of all ages and sizes to look and feel beautiful. She also loves watching her clients’ self-confidence, self-accept, and self-love re-emerge during their photoshoots as they see how truly beautiful they are.

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