May 16, 2023

Limited Edition Portrait Sessions

In case you're new here, I'm Amy, owner of Amy Paris Photography and a serial student.  I'm always looking to further my knowledge and refine my photography skills.  Therefore, I signed up for the Art of Emotion (AoE) with Denise Birdsong.  

Denise is an amazing instructor who will be taking me through a one of a kind artistic journey.  The AoE course starts with changing the way I look at photography poses and adjusting my mindset.  Then, it looks at emotion in art, talks about normalizing intimacy, and discusses the art and science of body language.  All of that even before we start learning how to coach our clients into expressing the emotions of joy, confidence, coy, longing, desire and pleasure.  Just when you thought it was over she is going to go over ways to amplify these emotions!! DAMN!! I can hardly wait!!!  But wait!  There's more!! (HA HA!! I couldn't resist! ...cheesy I know...). After we go through all of that, she is throwing in lessons on men and couples too!!  So, keep you eyes peeled because I may post additional model call sessions for men and couples too!!  However, for now I'm looking for 6 females, or 6 individuals who identify as female.  

Models Needed!

The course sounds amazing, right?  Ok, maybe not to you, but as a boudoir and glamour photographer, this is like the Holy Grail of photography courses!  So, if you are interested in being a model for me, please read through the FAQs related to these sessions and fill out the form below!  It is the best way to learn more about these sessions and to get one of the coveted spots!  Don't forget there are only 6 spots so don't delay! 

The Emotions we will be exploring are:








I'm not a model, should I apply?  YES!!!  I am looking for the everyday woman who is willing to explore her emotions and capture some amazing portraits!! Additionally, I'm looking for diversity.  I would like to work with women of all shapes, sizes, ages (21+), and ethnicities.

How many models do you need?  There are three lessons that require homework.  So, at the minimum I am looking for three, but I'd ideally like six.  

When do you need to complete the sessions/assignments?  The portrait session dates will need to be scheduled Mondays through Fridays between June 19 and July 28.

Who will see these photos?  These photos are part of my homework for the course.  The photos will be uploaded to a private Facebook group so the instructor and other classmates will see them.  Therefore, you will have to sign a model release allowing me to share them with the class.  However, I hope you will also allow me to share them on my social media channels and website as well since I will be documenting my journey through the course on these platforms, as well. 

Do I have to wear lingerie or be naked?  No, you can wear sweats if you want. It is truly about capturing facial expressions and body language of the emotions.

How much does the Limited Edition (Art of Emotive Photography) Session cost?  There's a $95 non-refundable fee for any person who signs up to ensure you are committed to following through with the session.  

What do you mean by optional hair & makeup styling?  I am not getting graded on your appearance.  You can show up completely natural with no makeup and bed-head, you can do your own makeup and hair, or you can opt to pay my hair and makeup stylist $125 to do it for you before your shoot.  It's up to you and does not matter to me.  

What do I get for modeling?  If you sign up, you'll receive 2 digital images.  

Can I purchase additional photos?  Yes, but you don't have to.  If you decide to purchase more, the $95 will turn into a credit towards the purchase price.


These Session are SOLD OUT, but more options may be coming soon!

About the Author Amy Paris Jackson

Amy Paris Jackson, the award-winning portrait photographer behind Amy Paris Photography, specializes in boudoir, beauty and branding in NW Indiana. Her mission is to empower women to fall in love with themselves—whether for the first time or all over again. With Amy, you don’t need to worry about posing; she expertly guides you through each session to ensure you look your absolute best. Seeing your beautiful portraits will boost your confidence and self-esteem, showing yo

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