February 27, 2024

Lynn's 40 over 40 Story

What drew you to the 40 over 40 campaign?

You had asked and it sounds really exciting!!

What is your favorite body part or feature? 

Hmm I guess the curves of my body. I have a big booty and I do get comments. I’m glad they’re In Style!

What is the reason we are doing this photoshoot?  Are we celebrating a milestone, transformation, or another event?

I have been wanting to do one for a while. I’m feelinng pretty good for my age.

What is the most valuable lesson life has taught you?

I get to control my own destiny!! As long as I continue to see my future I can work towards it.

What wisdom would you like to share with your younger self?

Family is so important. And just know that they will not always be hear.   And it doesn't have to mean they die.

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Who was the most influential person in your life?

Mom and dad

What's your favorite beauty secret?

Well if I tell you it would t be a secret!!!

What are you most excited about when it comes to this photoshoot?

I’m hopeful I can express my sexual side in front of a camera

What are you most anxious about when it comes to doing this photoshoot?

That I can express my sexual side!

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Lynn was gracious enough to be my very first 40 over 40 participant and what an amazing shoot it was!  You may remember her as being the face of the campaign for the first round!  She even graced the cover of the magazine!  She is an amazing woman, entrepreneur and soul.  She owns The Lather Lounge hair salon and The Wellness Lounge and spa in Munster, IN. 

I remember Lynn being the first client who told me she doesn't like herself in photos so she was hoping to like at least one.  Well, after our session she had a hard time narrowing down her favorite photos beyond 60!  Ladies, we are our own worst critics!  I can help you love yourself in photos too!  I still have space in the second round of the 40 over 40 campaign and I would love to have you join!

About the Author Amy Paris Jackson

Amy is a professional portrait photographer in NW Indiana. She specializes in glamour and boudoir photography because she takes great joy in empowering women of all ages and sizes to look and feel beautiful. She also loves watching her clients’ self-confidence, self-accept, and self-love re-emerge during their photoshoots as they see how truly beautiful they are.

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