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Positively Beautiful

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A celebrity-style portrait session to celebrate your inner and outer beauty!

The Positively Beautiful Experience Creates Portraits of You, For You!

Maybe you have a birthday coming up, you achieved a goal or maybe you just finally decided that you need to exist in photos (because you absolutely should!!) This campaign was created to celebrate your inner beauty, your outer beauty, and your legacy!  

But what if...

But I'm...

But I need to...

You might be thinking that this isn't for me because I'm not photogenic, I'm not important enough, or I need to lose weight first.  Well, the good news is most people feel they aren't photogenic and honestly, it's not your job to be photogenic.  It's my job to make you photogenic!  I will take into consideration your body composition and bone structure as I guide you through posing, hand placement, and facial expressions; all to make sure we capture the most amazing portraits of you!  Yes, you are important enough.  Your story is what makes you uniquely YOU and there is no one else like you.  You are just as deserving as anyone else of existing in photographs.  Plus, doesn't it sound really cool to be in a magazine?!  Oh, and did I mention that I can shave a few pounds off by doing all of those things AND using the proper lighting setups?  Betcha didn't know that now did ya? Ultimately, my goal is to hold space for you while your confidence grows and watch you transform into a version of yourself that you are proud of.  Together we'll creatively design your portrait session to highlight your personality and create portraits you're PROUD to be in. 

Who Should Participate?

This campaign is open to everyone who identifies as female from the tumultuous 20-year-olds up to the feisty 50-year-olds, and beyond! Stop hiding behind the camera and the excuses! You deserve to be seen exactly how you want to be seen! Whether you want to go full glam and rock an amazing dress and high heels, step out of your comfort zone for a sexy and intimate boudoir session, stay more casual with a relaxed look, or mix and match all of the looks; this luxurious, magazine-style portrait session is customized to match your style and level of comfort. It's time to celebrate the amazing woman that you are! Together, we'll create portraits that you'll be proud to share and excited to hang on your walls!

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What Does It Cost?

The Positively Beautiful Experience Session Package

Start at $450 for a Weekday Portrait Sessions or $550 for a Saturday Portrait Sessions

Check Out What's Included


The process starts with you filling out the inquiry form.  Then, you will be redirected to schedule an initial phone consultation.  Once you've paid the fee and committed to a portrait session, we will schedule another consultation.  During the second consultation I will learn more about your style & vision, and you will learn more about what looks best, what to wear and how to best prepare for your portrait session.

Makeover & Celebrity-Style Portrait Session

Get pampered and look your absolute best with professional hair & make up styling!  After your makeover, you will experience a 1-2 hour luxury magazine-style portrait session with multiple clothing changes.  Expect to spend at least 4 hours at this amazing session.

Portrait Reveal Session

Approximately 2 weeks after your portrait session, you'll come back to the studio to see your stunning portraits in person. Choose your favorite portraits. One matted print and its matching digital file is included, but you are welcome to purchase all of your favorites!

Gala & Magazine

You and a guest are invited to a Gala in honor of all of the amazing women participating in the Positively Beautiful Campaign Experience and to raise money for the Pink Ribbon Society.  Also, you'll receive a Positively Beautiful magazine complete with a portrait of yourself and your story to commemorate the experience. 

Additional Poirtraits & Collections

You are welcome to purchase additional products and portraits.  I offer a wide range of luxurious products that will beautifully showcase your favorite portraits.  Portraits start at $300 and collections start at $1200. How much you spend is completely up to you. 

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