Nicholas Rizzo

I had the pleasure of working with Amy from AmyParisPhotography.Com and had such a positive experience with her that I wanted to take the time to share the good word.

Right from the get go I knew this was going to be a great working relationship due to the amount of time she took to really try to understand both myself, my company, our message, and where we are looking to go. She utilized a survey, emailing and a phone call to fully grasp what all of the above concepts are and was able to articulate all of this back to me with great detail.

With the level of attention to detail she had in regards to myself and my company, she was able to create a gallery of amazing images to use upon our carousel. 

Whether your in the beginning stages like myself or further along, there has yet to be anyone else that I have attempted to work with that took the time and care to really understand my company and the company’s message to such a great depth in order to produce amazing visuals for the site that are uniquely Nimbus. Loved working with her and will continue working with her moving forward!

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