Wardrobe Style Guide

Are you looking for clothing and accessories ideas to take your portrait session to the next level?  This is not an exhaustive list because there is always something new and beautiful coming out, but here's a curated list of suggested items you can purchase to bring to your photoshoot!  My client closet is ever growing, but I cannot possibly purchase everything everyone would possibly want!  Have a great suggestion?  Let me know so I can add it to the list!!



Curvy Dresses


Body Chains

Body chains make an excellent addition to glamour or boudoir photoshoots since they can easily be paired with nothing or a beautiful dress!

Sexy body chains these come in two styles as well as gold and silver!
Ingemark Sexy Harness Waist Bikini Chain Bra Body Chain Shoulder Necklace for Women Gold Silver Sequin

Under Garments

The right undergarment is extremely important!  They can set you up for success or failure.  It's kind of like the foundation for your outfit.  So, think through what you plan to wear and what the best under garment would be for your outfits.  Do you need a nude bra?  A strapless bra?  A black bra? A backless bra? Nude thongs?  The list goes on!  If you plan to wear items from the client closet, you will need a thong that matches your skin tone.  This will make editing it out in retouching much easier and is more sanitary.  

The Adhesive Strapless Bra makes a great option for a strapless bra especially if you have a plunging back!  They come in various sizes and give the girls some added cleavage!!  What's nice is these are offered in a variety of skin tones and include a set of nipple pasties!